Business card online

An ideal accessory – the b-card

One of the most important and underestimated tools of networking and business communication.

An ideal accessory – the b-card

With style

It’s very important to present oneself correctly at an appointment, so that the client would like to proceed with the collaboration. Ignoring this aspect will lead to the failure of all your efforts concerning the services. The problems is that the first impression and judging by appearances are still dominant in small business nowadays. How you look, how you talk and especially how you carry out the product presentation is what matters. Even if your firm does something unique, nobody would want to accept a dull and timid offer. So, how do we impress the public?

Use a traditional but amazingly effective method – a business card that is a sort of the“face” of your enterprise. It’s a small rectangular carton piece with your contact info. It is often laminated to prevent wear. This object symbolizes your work and in a way demonstrates your career achievements. As you see, it is a great advertisement tool too.

The get-up

It has a particular structure, which you should follow. Your name and surname in the middle, the position and field of work below in a smaller font. Your company’s name and logo in the upper left or right corner. If there is no slogan – think about it ahead because it doubles your chances of sales increase and expansion. The rest of the space can be devoted to your coordinates – office address (if it exists), email, and telephones. Let it be several phone numbers so that you could automatically appear more impressive. There is another variant – an electronic business card that you can create on a website. In this case, the opportunity of loss or damage is excluded.

Issuing such an attribute requires time; so many people do not like it. Firstly, you have to plan the decoration in order not to become a laughing-stock because of the badly made card. Rare businesspersons have the experience in design so don’t be shy and go to a professional. They can advise you on the scheme and color match. You may also discuss the shape (ovals and circles are in fashion today) to play on the special features of your job and come up with a notepad-card or a pendant. The result must be catchy but not garish, stylish, but moderate. Secondly, after confirming the draft you’ll need to pay for the printing. Of course, an ebusiness card will make it simpler and faster. You won’t have to spend money on a designer’s consultation and print a lot of papers. The online-card allows to economize means and energy. The process is elementary – register on a site, create an individual project with a free business card builder and share the result with the audience! Then just wait until you are contacted.[Your ideal electronic b-card: 5 rules]

The delivery

Beside the issuance of a business card, there is also the ritual of presenting it. Everything depends on the place so be extremely careful. You are the offerer, so start the exchange. Be sure to pronounce your full name clearly for the recipient to memorize. It is also a sign of respect. If it is you who receives the thing, repeat the giver’s name to keep it in mind and show your interest. 

An ideal accessory – the b-card

It so happens that during the meeting you suddenly remember some information, which should be added to the “document”. Never write it in the partner’s presence! Either take precautions and note what you wanted down beforehand or supply the person with the needed data afterwards. Do not crumple or thumb the given – it is rude. Be gentle with it and do not bend the edges – this can be an offence to your customer. Moreover, do not pass the bent present at a conversation if you don’t mean an insult. Perhaps, you consider these precautions too complex – then an electronic contact card is your choice! To meet personally then is not necessary. You issue it virtually and send a link to the page via social nets.

Besides, this is quite economical – in fact, you get a free business card without wasting a cent! No consulting and typography costs! You do all the stuff yourself in two minutes not spending anything!

Choose among the free business card templates – and done!

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