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Top 10 interesting facts about electronic business cards

So we have compiled the beloved “Top-10” heading about our indispensable assistant - the electronic business card.

Top 10 Facts About B-cards

A key to success

So, you are a small business owner: what serves as your main attribute? A personal room? A secretary? An Armani suit? Actually, it depends on your motivation and career plans (and purview). If an entrepreneur is serious about it, they realize that to produce a high-quality product is not everything. The advertising goes next. Besides, during the introduction you are being estimated by the client, so be sure to make a good impression. A concentrated and tidy look shows a lot but it’s not enough for a bright laconic presentation. The contacts and company info exchange is the key moment here. It’s a sort of mini-presentation with the help of which your interlocutor may quickly understand whether they are interested in your offer or not.

The main tool in this situation is a business card – a sort of a document with your coordinates. Here is the standard pack: your full name, phone numbers, email and office address. You also put your position in the middle and the organization logo in one of the upper corners. Such a card can have any design you like and even the rectangular shape is not a must nowadays. However, there is a problem: this object can be damaged or lost and then your efforts will be in vain. [ссылка на An ideal accessorythe b-card]

That is why an electronic business card had been invented. In fact, it's a virtual version of a usual one. Your fill it in yourself and send it to potential customers. As easy as that! Let’s look at why it is so special.

1. You cannot lose it.

The plus of this invention is that the issuance takes place in the Internet. Consequently, it cannot suffer any damage and the receiver will never lose it. One headache less.

2. You can create it yourself.

Thanks to the free business card builder you won’t have to consult a designer – you can choose any decoration you want. The classic one’s structure should be discussed with a specialist but online you have absolute freedom of action. Moreover, no worries about the printing.

3. Momentary issuance.

Now you don’t have to wait till all is ready – you receive your professional passport in several clicks! Simply register on the website, complete the profile, and pick a free business card template – done! Ideal for busy people!

4. No expenses.

Great news – it is a free business card, so not a cent is required for its creation! You’ll save both time and money. This is quite a simple procedure, which, in our opinion, will help you to maximally optimize working process.

5. Easy to deliver.

Appointments are always a fuss, especially if you are a businessperson. With an electronic contact card, you can forget about exhausting meetings because it can be sent as a link via social nets.

6. Can be transformed as you wish.

Remember, how many difficulties you had after forgetting to add some data to your card! You had to wright them down on it before or after the talk – inconvenient, right?  An online-card can be changed in any way you like – remove or type new information whenever needed.

7. You see your audience.

Want to be sure that your “gift” has been noticed and downloaded? There is such a function for you to find out the interested ones and draw conclusions. It ensures sales increase and expansion.

8. Integration is available.

This web-card is effective because it can easily be synchronized with different services and apps, for instance, Evernote. Thus, it makes things easier for you and leaves energy to deal with emergencies.

9. Keeping in touch.

Sometimes it so happens that there is no one to pass the “present” to – a person is not here at the moment or is working far away. In this case, an assistant or courier delivers it but this method is not always safe. We offer you the alternative – a productive collaboration on a distance.

10. Stylish promotion.

A little bit of glamour is half the job done in this question. That is why an ebusiness card is your indispensable helper. Today it is the most progressive medium of interaction because it simplifies partnership on both sides.

Develop your firm with style!


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