Digital business card

What should one know about electronic b-cards?

How to create an electronic business card

What should one know about electronic b-cards?

An ideal introduction

If you are a small business owner you, definitely deal with the question of sharing personal info. It’s crucial to remind others about yourself but without pressing. Hot and cold calls are still in practice but we all know that they demand strong nerves and being emotionally unattached. You risk meeting with negative response or even aggression. That is why the main means of data interchange nowadays is business cards – small, specifically designed pieces of carton. They are usually laminated not to look messy later.

Today presenting such a card is a kind of a traditional ritual, which is followed by typical phrases and gestures. However, this has also proved unreliable as the document can easily be lost. Just imagine: you consult a designer, pay for print and then some client loses the product. Disappointing, right?

That is why we are offered an alternative – electronic business cards, that is, virtual ones. This practical conception has opened the way for high-speed transmitting of information on the distance.

The contents are:

 - First and Last Name;

 - Service Category;

 -  Phone;

 - Email;

 - Photo.

You can leave your address (or attach a map) and additional number.

What should one know about electronic b-cards?

Your companys face

To create an electronic contact card, you will need imagination if you want a unique design, which will attract people. But do not overdo it – lasciviousness and too bright colors will frighten your audience away. Stress the specificity of your job and try to bind it with the style desired.

The result must be colorful but not biting. For example, on our site you can use a free business card builder to fully actualize your task. Experiment as much as you want till you find the right one. But be precise and laconic – no “My Career” essays needed. A potential customer does not need the full list of your titles and awards so so get rid of the junk. Try not to make it long.

Benefit for everyone

With the free business card templates, you will quickly issue the e-card of your dreams. The material ones have always been expensive because of the decorating and issuance. No more of that nonsense! We care about our visitors so you can make a free business card and save a lot!

How is it done?


 - register on our website;

 - construct the object;

 - share the link in your social nets;

 - done!

Thanks to an ebusiness card you won’t have to arrange appointments, spend money on issuing and so on. Now you are able to do everything by yourself in a few clicks with no expenses! And nothing to worry about – your professional passport will not get frayed or lost.[Your ideal electronic b-card: 5 rules]

Filling in the form you make a wonderful investment in the future of your organization. The more feedback you receive, the faster you achieve sales increase and development.

Complete the profile now and promote your enterprise!

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer you!

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