Business etiquette rules

B-card etiquette: 5 rules

Politeness turns mountains

B-card etiquette: 5 rules

A special ritual

There is serious competition in small business nowadays, so, permanent advertising is not enough to gain clients. Here’s the thing: a great self-promotion at the beginning, a sort of correct introduction is necessary. Those who ignore this aspect stay forgotten and later wonder why nobody comes. That’s easy – if you want a person to remember you, give them your coordinates. In addition, it’s important that they always have it near them. How do we do it?

There is a cool instrument for self-presentation, which people around the world are still using. It’s a business card, meaning passport and invitation at the same time. With the help of this small piece of carton (your contact info on it), you can create a fantastic impression. In fact, there should be a special mood for the collaboration. You must look independent and strong in order to be respected.

What is it? It’s a little rectangle (other shapes are possible too) made from thick paper. On it you mention your

 - full name;

 - position;

 - sphere;

 - office/mobile phone;

  - email;

 - work address (optional).

All this is placed in a correct way for convenient usage. The design should reflect your company’s features and be recognizable. To decorate everything correctly entrepreneurs usually consult a designer because not everyone has visual skills. If they do it alone, they risk making a tasteless mess, which will quickly lower your status. After preparing a draft, you deal with printing in a typography. More, you can laminate your creation. To avoid money loss simply fill in the form for issuing an electronic business card – a virtual analogue. No expenses on consulting a specialist and issuance are needed. Look another our article: [Digital b-card:5 rules]

However, how you present the thing makes even more sense. There are certain norms, which are compulsory during the exchange. Let’s study the key ones.

    1. According to gender traditions, males are the first to give the card and the female answers to this polite gesture. Emancipation does not work here so be careful not to offend your potential visitor. With an electronic contact card, it is dispensable.

    2. During exchanging, pronounce your surname clearly, so that your partner would memorize it. If it you who is the receiver, repeat for good memory. You also show interest in this fashion. Speaking about an ebusiness card, no personal appointments needed because you only have to share with people the link to your online document. Easy, right? Use a free business card builder to choose the best decoration.

    3. All correction and notes are done before or after the talk. Do not write anything or bend the edges or mark things, as this is very rude. Your interlocutor may be insulted. Generally, treat the object with caution, do not slabber it. Never apply it as a pointer if you don’t want to be a well-known incompetent cad.

    4. Conversing, scan the present several times to check the data. It does not mean you’re suspicious but is done to show attention. The giver should see that you are looking forward to further cooperation.

    5. Keep the stuff in a business card holder – no pockets because that is bad taste. Besides, in this case messiness is unavoidable. More than that, such an attribute is a symbol of real enterprise chic! A great method to appear stylish but reliable.

If you prefer time and finance economy, pick a free business card issued through Internet. You won’t have to go anywhere, print a ton of card-papers, etc. Concentrate on the urgent moments and optimize the working process maximally. With free business card templates, your choice will be impeccable.

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