Who needs digital business card?

Who needs digital business card?

Who, to whom - only one!


Who needs electronic business card?

You already know that the paper business card is your faithful assistant in expanding the customer base and sales increase. And if it still works well, do you really need an electronic contact card? Let's see.

How do you use a paper card?

You may say it is a strange question. Certainly you provide it to your clients to let them know your contacts. It is really a standard way to use paper business card. Now let's imagine how your potential clients will behave after they receive it.

For instance you give a card to your client when you occasionally meet each other in public place or at final part of planned visit. She put it in her bag; he places it in the coat’s pocket or in the glove compartment of the car. Soon a card will lose its attractive appearance and contacts will be erased. Once a person may accidentally drops it when taking out a purse or keys. When he needs a service in your sphere, he may try to remember your phone or find it at friends – or maybe not.

Is it different with ebusiness card?

In short yes. The electronic card can be placed on your website or in your profile in social networks. So the client can go there any time and find your contacts. No more tedious searches for cards in your bag or pockets! If you have already communicated with a person in a messenger or other way, you can directly send him a link to your card. So it would be even easier for him to find you if necessary.

By the way, you no longer need to think about the required number of cards and its cost. Using the free business card builder you can make a card with your own unique design and send it unlimitedly. Now the lack of business cards right now does not prevent you from getting new customers. 

In general you definitely need an electronic contact card if:

         you often communicate with your customers in social networks or messengers;

         you meet with customers primarily for the working meetings, so you are unlikely to have a chance to remind about you at occasional meeting;

         your business is based on personal contact with the client;

         you want to optimally spend money for the development of your business;

         you want your customer to be able to find your contacts quickly when they need it.

This description is suitable for many companies in small business, isn’t it? Hairdressers, manicure masters, makeup artists, tutors and other professionals can’t afford to lose established contact with client. If you think the same, use the free business card template to build a durable bridge between you and your customers!

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