Paper or electronic business card: what is better?

Paper vs digital business card: which is better?

Here is the answer to the question: "Batman or superman?"

article_vcard_digital_business_cardPaper or electronic business card: what is better?

Electronic contact card is a modern way to convey the most important information about you to all your potential partners and customers. Its content doesn’t differ from usual paper item, but the shape differs significantly. So what to choose?

Electronic card

Electronic business card is a real breakthrough in business communications. In fact this format is devoid of all traditional disadvantages of the paper one. Judge yourself:

        you can create your own card’s design;

        it takes minimum of time to create it;

        your contacts will be displayed by direct links to relevant resources such as your Instagram or Facebook profile;

        you can place a ebusiness card on all platforms where your company is mentioned. It is suitable for social networks, your own website, messengers etc.;

        electronic contact card will never be lost. It is always available for your customers and partners;

        the most important is that it’s completely free!

Using our free business card builder you can create a convenient tool for establishing business contacts and sales increase in a few minutes. By the way, what are its disadvantages? Hmm, that's quite difficult question to answer. Well.... maybe that it is still a bit unaccustomed to the audience?

Paper card

Usual format seems to be the main advantage of traditional paper card. Yes, the exchange of small pieces of paper is still a common part of meeting ritual in business communication. But this ritual is very expensive in comparison with free business card in electronic form. Firstly you need to pay to designer to make your idea suitable for printing. Then you have to pay for printing which usually requires definite minimum number of copies. Then... Ah, don’t forget that it will take time to create a paper card and personally meet with the right person to hand it.

So you can outrun your competitors who prefer to follow the traditional rules and send your customers an electronic business card today!

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